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Inova opens public consultation on business incubator

  • Posted: Monday, August 27th, 2018, 15:46 pm
  • Last updated on Monday, 03 September 2018, 14h06

The IFSP Innovation and Technology Transfer Agency (Inova) made available the draft that will create the IFSP business incubator. The community should send their suggestions before the draft is sent to the Technological Innovation Council (CIT) and the Superior Council (Consup (Superior Council)) for analysis. Suggestions should be forwarded to the Campus Research and Innovation Coordinator by September 10, 2018.

 Each campus must send a single draft to , with the “Edit Changes” feature of the activated text editor, indicating in the title “Business Incubator - Suggestions for Campus XXX”, replacing XXX with the campus name. 

This action stems from the need to meet an internal demand for regulation of this type of space and the new Legal Framework for Science and Technology that encourages the construction of specialized and cooperative environments for innovation. 

Project hotel units (UHPs) were important in this process of maturing the new regulations, which ends up being an evolution of the existing regulations. The Campus São Paulo, Suzano, Registro and Sertãozinho collaborated in the construction of the regulation and will have up to one year to adapt to it, which will expand the possibilities of interaction with the external community. For Câmpus Bragança Paulista, this will allow the continuation of the agreement already established with the Municipal Government to install the Bragantino Innovation Center that includes an incubator in the project. 

For the construction of this draft, more than 12 resolutions from other institutions were analyzed, as well as technical visits that made it possible to reach this multi-unit model.

 Draft - Resolution of Business Incubator

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