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Commission presents study for the entry of refugees and immigrants in IFSP courses

  • Published: Monday, March 19th, 2018, 12:13 AM

The Study Committee to make it possible for refugees and immigrants to enter the IFSP (CEIM) courses presented to the Dean Eduardo Antonio Modena, on March 16, the work carried out by the group since its formation in May 2017, and a proposal resolution to be implemented in the Institution.

The demand for the commission's work arose from events held by the Dean of Extension and conversations with the community that lives near the IFSP rectory and the São Paulo Campus, installed in front of Praça Kantuta, a well-known Latin American stronghold. in capital.

In addition to the rector, the pro-rectors of Extension (PRX) and Education (PRE) Wilson de Andrade Matos and Reginaldo Vitor Pereira, respectively, attended the presentation of the group, formed through Ordinance No. 3.912 / 2017.

In the period from May 2017 to February 2018, the commission carried out studies with the objective of enabling students with refugee and immigrant status in situations of socioeconomic and productive vulnerability to enter the IFSP basic and higher education courses. In the month of June 2017, members of the commission visited UFSCar, a university that implemented in 2009 a specific selection for people in the condition of refuge.

In August, the commission organized a meeting with entities assisting immigrants and refugees from São Paulo. Representatives of institutions from different countries participated in the meeting and showed great desire in relation to the actions that culminated in the access of immigrants and refugees to IFSP courses. Several studies were also carried out on the legislation pertinent to the theme.

After questioning the Dean and the Pro-Rectors, Eduardo Modena received the activity report from CEIM and asked the Commission for time to send the document to the Dean of Education for study and elaboration of an ordinance or resolution that specifies the entire process. admission and assistance for the permanence of these students.

The rector informed that, at the end of May, the PRE must complete the studies that will support the elaboration of the document that will be appreciated by the IFSP. Thus, the possibility of creating a differentiated selection process for immigrant and refugee candidates will be evaluated.

Read CEIM's activity report in full here

Learn more about CEIM here.


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