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PRX selects applied programming teaching projects

Proponents must express interest by May 05; learn more at Notice no. 174/2021

  • Published: Friday, April 23, 2021, 17:22 PM
  • Last updated on Tuesday, 11 May 2021, 09:49

Through the Notice no. 174/2021, IFSP publishes the call to select up to five IFSP technology initiation projects. These projects will be submitted, in an institutional proposal, to the Public Call Notice IFES 01/2021 - Support for technological initiation with a focus on teaching applied programming. 

The announcement aims to support the development of training actions in applied programming of students from the last two years of elementary school in public schools. Proponents must express interest by May 5 and pay attention to the other deadlines described in the public notice schedule.

We recommend interested parties to attend the explanatory webinar held by IFES, and available here On April 27, the IFSP will hold a webinar with information and also to answer questions from interested students. The conference will be broadcast by Microsoft Teams at 10am on 27/04/21.

It is expected to select projects with great potential to stimulate the interest and creativity of adolescent students regarding technological initiation.

This action is coordinated by the Dean of Extension, in partnership with the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies and the Innovation Agency.

About the projects

Technological initiation projects should focus on teaching applied programming to students in the last two years of elementary school, from public municipal and state networks of basic education, separately or together, using tools that facilitate student learning, such as, for example Arduino, Raspberry Pi, software and robotics kits.

Projects must demonstrate the use of active learning methodologies, and may be disqualified if they do not clearly explain this use.

Each project must provide assistance to at least 280 beneficiaries and each beneficiary must be served with at least 20 hours of activities. IFSP students will not be counted as beneficiaries.

The deadline for the execution of the projects is 12 months.

Notice no. 174/2021

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