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Students prepare manual with tips for remote activities 

Students warn of over-selfcollection with schoolwork 

  • Published: Thursday, 18 March 2021, 12h28
  • Last updated on Thursday, 18 March 2021, 12h53

Five tolunas in the Logistics Technician course at Campuses IFSP Pirituba developed the Student Survival Manual with numerous tips to help colleagues from all campus a performem remote activities during the social isolation brought about by pandemic of the new coronavirus 

Melyssa Albino de Oliveira, Luana Santana FurtadoSabrina Basílio dos Santos, Raquel Alves Lima e Kamilly Son, who sign as “Gatchuscas of IF ”, tell you that the information is based ons EXPERIENCEs that they had with the remote teaching in Campuses Pirituba. They joined the IFSP in the first half of 2020 and they only had one month of face-to-face activities.  

The greatest motivation for creating the manual "was thinking about psychological preparationa Both of you freshmen and in what materials e applications could Assiststhat during remote teaching”, They count. "Uone of the main messages is: calm down! Remote teaching is very difficult and tiring, but we don’t need to be so exhausted", alert 

The material is divided into seven parts: organization, tips for group work, presentations, study groups, opening hours, be careful with self-collection and contact with veterans. 

The teachers' understanding, according to the students, was essential in times of distress due to the deadlines for delivering work. They spent sleepless nights studying andPonalso contribute to the danger of autocharge. "When things get tough, we advise you to seek out the teachers and resolve the situation in a healthy way. It is normal not to handle everything, and the teachers are understandable. Freshmen do not need to make the same mistakes as us and exhaust themselves so much, it is not healthy ”, thetentam. 

To the students, the main difficulty during this period of isolation is longing friends, teachers "and the opportunities and experiences we felt we were missing from being away". But they also learned to circumvent the lack of that personal contact. "Through social networks and messaging apps, we were able to get closer and get to know our colleagues and teachers better, which we did not expect to happen. We believe that because we are going through the same problems, many students approached to help themselves. ”, Conclude. 

Meet the manual, all prepared by the students, here 

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