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Consup Elections (Superior Council) 2021: follow all the information

The preliminary result of the vote was disclosed; access here

Access the voting booth by segment:

Problems accessing the Helios Voting System?

If you have difficulty accessing the Helios Voting System at the time of voting, read the CEC Communiqué nº 16. In case of doubts not clarified in this press release, as well as persistent errors when logging into the Helios System, contact the Central Electoral Commission, by e-mail. , putting in the subject field: “Helios Help: [short description of the problem]”. In the body of the e-mail, the voter must include his full name, medical record number, e-mail, segment name and campus. The video voting tutorial can be accessed here.

CEC Communication nº 15/2021 - Voting tutorial 

CEC Communiqué nº16 / 2021 - Correction of voter data in the virtual polls

Campaign posters and videos of candidates by segment:

Footsteps on how to vote in the Consup (Superior Council) elections 2021:

The Central Electoral Commission for the Superior Council (Consup (Superior Council)) of the IFSP discloses to the community the opening of the electoral process that will choose the new representatives of students, civil servants and alumni in the Superior Council (Consup (Superior Council)), the maximum instance of the IFSP. 

From February 9th to 26th, those interested in competing for one of the positions for a Consup board member (Superior Council) must complete the annexes, available in an editable form below, and submit their application, by e-mail, to the Commissions Local Electoral Offices, in accordance with the Electoral Code. See the list of commissions' electronic addresses here

In 2021, 17 full members will be elected, including five professors, five administrative technicians, five students and two alumni. 17 alternates will also be elected, one for each member. The representatives of each segment will be chosen by their peers in an election scheduled to take place on April 19; due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire electoral process will take place virtually in all the Institute's campuses.

The process will be conducted by the Central Electoral Commission, appointed through the Ordinance no. 429 / 2021. From February 10 to March 6, Local Electoral Commissions must be composed, one for each campus and one for the Rectory.

Voting is optional for all permanent employees and students enrolled in regular courses and graduates, and will take place between 12 noon on April 19 and noon on April 12, through the Helios Voting system. The preliminary result of the election will be published on the same day of the end of the election on the IFSP website.

Who can apply?

Students, alumni and civil servants can apply for Consup (Superior Council), as long as they comply with the requirements established in item V of the Electoral Code. Those interested in competing for one of the vacancies must forward the completed registration form to the email of the Local Electoral Commission of each campus. The registration period is from 22 the 26 February.

Preliminary result

Preliminary - General

Preliminary - Students   

Preliminary - Teachers

Preliminary - Graduates

Preliminary - TAEs

Cleared ballot boxes 


Electoral Code

Electoral Code - Annex I - Schedule

Electoral Code - Annex II - Registration form (editable)

Electoral Code - Annex III - Term of responsibility for candidacy (editable)

Electoral Code - Annex IV - Requirement to be a voter in the IFSP alumni segment (editable)

Electoral Code - Annex V - Form for appeals (editable)

List of e-mails from Local Commissions

Preliminary list of subscribers 

Definitive list of subscribers

Updated electoral schedule 

Preliminary list of voters - Rectory 

List of approved voters 

Approved list of voters - Rectory 

Calculation monitoring worksheet NEW



CEC Communication nº 1/2021 

CEC Communication nº 2/2021 

CEC Communication nº 3/2021

CEC Communication nº 4/2021

CEC Communication nº 5/2021

CEC Communication nº 6/2021

CEC Communication nº 7/2021

CEC Communication nº 8/2021

CEC Communication nº 9/2021

CEC Communication nº 10/2021

CEC Communication nº 11/2021

CEC Communiqué No. 12/2021

CEC Communiqué No. 13/2021

CEC Communication nº 14/2021 

CEC Communication nº 15/2021 - Voting tutorial 

CEC Communiqué nº16 / 2021 - Correction of voter data in the virtual polls

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