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Vestibular Enem Câmpus Sertãozinho: see 1st Call for enrollment

Disclosed Response to resources, Classification e 1st Call for registration for the upper courses of the Sertãozinho Campus

  • Published: Thursday 11 February 2021, 19:14 PM
  • Last updated on Thursday, 04 March 2021, 16h54

 From January 27 to February 11, registrations for the Enem do Câmpus Sertãozinho Vestibular are open for admission to the higher education courses of the institution in the 1st semester of 2021. There are 60 places distributed among the higher courses in Human Resources Management, Licenciatura in Letters - Portuguese / English and Degree in Chemistry. Both registration and courses are free.

The Vestibular Enem will use the classification obtained from the National High School Exam (Enem) in the editions of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019 exclusively for the classification of candidates. Access all the information in the notice available here.

Candidates must not have been eliminated in any of the tests or have obtained a zero score in the Enem essay. 

To register, it is necessary to create a register in the candidate portal and fill out the registration form and the socioeconomic questionnaire. Each candidate can register for only one course. There is no charge for registration fee.

In order to register on the candidate's portal, it is mandatory to have an active personal e-mail account, necessary for the activation of the registration and for the redemption of the access password. 

In case of doubts or other information, send e-mail to .  

More information is available at Notice nº 39/21 - Vestibular Enem Sertãozinho

For admission in this 1st semester, the IFSP made two changes. The first is that registrations were no longer made through Sisu, but directly on the Institute's website, at https://processoseletivo.ifsp.edu.br/. The second is that the Institute adopted the Enem grades for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 as selection criteria. The results of previous editions of Enem are available on the Participant Page, at Inep's page.

Accessibility - Notice n ° 39/21 can be automatically translated into Brazilian Sign Language through the "VLibras" tool suite. Access the portal here


Registration (electronic filling): 27/01/2021 to 11/02/2021

Preliminary list of registrations: 20/02/2021

Appeal against the preliminary list of registrations (online): 26 and 27/02/2021

Analysis of resources: 28/02/2021

Classification and Call for Registration: 01/03/2021

1st Call enrollment: 04 to 08/03/2021

* For possible remaining vacancies, consult the campus after 09/03/2021


Notice nº 39/21 - Vestibular Enem Sertãozinho

Candidate x vacancy ratio 

Preliminary list of subscribers 

Response to resources 


1st Call for registration NEW

Errata nº 1/2021 - Filing of an appeal in view of the rejection of registration  NEW




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