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Campus São Paulo selects Tutor from the Tutorial Education Program (PET)

Tutor will work on the Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences

  • Published: Friday, January 22, 2021, 00:01 pm
  • Last updated on Tuesday, 09 February 2021, 14h18

The IFSP announced, through the Dean of Education, the opening of the internal process for Selection of Tutor (a) of the Tutorial Education Program (PET), of the Biological Sciences Degree course at the Campus São Paulo.

The selection process aimed at filling a vacancy to meet the need for Tutor (a) for the PET group linked to the Licenciatura in Biological Sciences (PETLICBIO) of the Campus São Paulo. The selected teacher will be responsible for planning and supervising the group's activities and guiding the member students. To apply for the vacancy it is necessary to belong to the effective staff of the IFSP, to be on an exclusive dedication regime and to have a doctorate, among other requirements.

Registration will take place on February 2nd and will be received exclusively by e-mail: , with the subject: “pet_saopaulo_nomecandidato”. All documents requested in Notice no. 33/2021 must be sent in PDF format.

 Timing of the selection process:




Publication of the Notice


Candidate Registration Period


Disclosure of the List of Deferred Entries


Deadline for sending appeals for applications (until 18:00 pm)


Homologation of registrations after appeal


Electoral election


Disclosure of election result


Deadline for sending appeals related to the final result of the electoral ballot (until 12 noon)


Disclosure of the final result after appeal and homologation by the IFSP Local Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (CLAA).


Notice no. 33/2021

Annex I

Annex II

Selection result 

registered in:
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