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Pibid: open enrollment in a continuous flow notice for students

Undergraduate students at IFSP can apply from January 13 to November 1 

  • Published: Wednesday 13 January 2021, 13h39
  • Last updated on Thursday, 14 January 2021, 11:18

The Dean of Education (PRE) published today (13) the Notice no. 13/2021, which deals with the selection, in a continuous flow, of students for the Institutional Project of the Institutional Program of Initiation to Teaching (Pibid) of the IFSP. Undergraduate students can apply from January 13th to November 1st.

Among the requirements to apply for a vacancy is the requirement that the student has completed maximum 60% of the workload regimental of the degree course when entering the program. Selected scholarship recipients will receive a R $ 400,00 (four hundred reais) grant from CAPES.

The candidate candidate for the vacancy must register electronically, sending all documentation contained in item 6 of the notice in single file in PDF format to the respective e-mail of the area coordinator of the degree of your campus. The degree, the campus, the number of places for scholarship students and volunteers, as well as the e-mail are specified in the Framework of Annex I of the notice.

The student selection process will take place according to the demand of each group and will be conducted by coordinating the course together with the coordination of the area of ​​each degree / campus.

Selection criteria will be considered: the student's academic performance (Annex III - up to 1,2 points); the curriculum vitae (CAPES Basic Education Platform - Annex III - up to 1,8 points); interview with the Evaluation Board (up to 5,0 points); motivation letter written by the candidate (up to 2,0 points).

 About Pibid

The Institutional Teaching Initiation Scholarship Program (Pibid) is a program of the National Policy for Teacher Education of the Ministry of Education (MEC) which aims to provide students of undergraduate courses with their insertion in the public schools of basic education. For the development of institutional teaching initiation projects, the program grants scholarships to undergraduates, teachers of public schools of basic education and teachers of HEIs.

Pibid fulfills the attributions of the Foundation, Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes), of inducing and promoting the initial and continuing training of teaching professionals, respecting the guidelines of the “Plan of Goals All Commitment to Education” and the principles established in the National Policy for the Training of Teachers of Basic Education.


IFSP / PRE / DGRA Nº013 / 2021 NOTICE

Annex II - Registration Form

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