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With a reduction of 16,5%, IFSP defines budget distribution for 2021

The IFSP budget for 2021 will be 16,5% lower than this year; the reduction defined by the federal government impacts Student Assistance (action 2994) and Costing (action 20RL)

  • Published: Wednesday, 23 December 2020, 11h32
  • Last updated on Wednesday, December 23, 2020, 14:07 am

In August of this year, the Colégio de Dirigentes and the Budget WG had agreed to maintain student assistance, even with a greater reduction in the values ​​for costing as a form of compensation. Thus, for 2021, student assistance will have an increase of 3%, and the cost, a reduction of 19,5%.

According to José Roberto da Silva, dean of Administration (PRA), the budget WG, composed of PRA employees, directors and members of the Superior Council (Consup (Superior Council)), acting in a technical and impartial manner, prepared four proposals distribution of resources to the campuses, for discussion and deliberation of the College of Directors (Coldir).

Proposal no 1 considered the 2020 budget for campuses, equally applying for all the increase of 3% for student assistance and a reduction of 19,5% for funding. According to José Roberto, as the Conif matrix is ​​based in 2018, this option affected the campuses that had an increase in the number of enrollments in the last two years.

Proposal no 2 updated the Conif Matrix, considering the number of total registrations for distribution, according to 2019 data from the Nilo Peçanha Platform.

The third proposal provided for the same mechanism as proposal no 2, but establishing a floor of R $ 1,2 million for full campuses, and R $ 550 thousand for advanced campuses.

The fourth proposal started from a floor of R $ 1 million for full campuses, R $ 5 million for Campus São Paulo and R $ 500 thousand for advanced campuses, distributing the rest of the resource in proportion to the total enrollments.

O Coldir met on November 27 for presentation and discussion of the proposals, with the presence of the directors and directors elected to start the term in 2021. After notes and suggestions made at this meeting, the Budget WG met again and sent the four updated proposals for analysis by the directors. There were other proposals prepared by directors and, on December 04, the Coldir held an extraordinary meeting, opting for proposal no 3.

The rectory, which previously retained 6,35% for campus contracts that it manages, will reduce this retention to 6,13%, as a way to offset the supplementation of campuses to the established floor.

Rector Eduardo Modena highlighted the quality of the work of the Budget WG and the maturity of the analysis of the College of Directors, which clearly aimed to achieve a more even distribution of the budget among the campuses. He also stressed that the rectory and the campuses will be committed to obtaining resources from Setec and parliamentarians.

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