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Public Consultation on IFSP's Innovation Policy Proposal 

Webinar will present innovation policy on December 17, at 12 am, with transmission by IFSP Channel on Youtube

  • Published: Monday, 14 December 2020, 13:49
  • Last updated on Thursday, December 17, 2020, 10h01

The Legal Framework for Science, Technology and Innovation, comprised by Constitutional Amendment nº 85, Law nº 13.243/2016 and Decree 9.283 / 2018, brought numerous benefits to the academic and scientific community. Its elaboration had as principles: 

  1. Promotion of scientific and technological activities as strategic for economic and social development;
  2. Promotion of cooperation and interaction between public entities, between the public and private sectors and between companies;
  3. Encouraging the creation of favorable environments for innovation and technology transfer activities;
  4. Stimulating innovation activity in companies and ICT;
  5. Simplification of procedures for the management of science, technology and innovation projects and the adoption of results-based control in their evaluation;

The changes promoted in the Innovation Law, No. 10.973 / 2004, as well as Decree 9.283 / 2018, bring the need for institutions to regulate their innovation policy. It is worth highlighting paragraph 2 of art. 14 of the aforementioned decree, which establishes: 

"§ 2 The concession of public resources will consider the implementation of innovation policies by public and private ICT." 

In other words, in invitations to funding agencies (CNPQ, FINEP and others), the institution may have its innovation policy implemented. 

In this sense, the IFSP appointed a first commission through Ordinance 1493/2018, which was later replaced by Ordinance 3443/2020, for the preparation of the innovation policy proposal. 

The responsible Commission is now making the draft with the IFSP's Innovation Policy proposal available for public consultation. Each campus should consolidate its suggestions, and send a single file version with the consolidated suggestions. It will be up to Research and Innovation Coordinations organize an agenda with the campus, in order to collect the suggestions, consolidate them and send them to the responsible Commission. 

The deadline for submitting contributions is February 5, 2021. 

The responsible Commission will make a webinar to present the innovation policy on the 1st7/ 12, at 10am, with transmission through the IFSP Channel on Youtube. Access here. The transmission will be recorded for later consultation. 


Mind Map - Legal Requirements for Regulation 

Innovation Law 10.973 / 2004

Decree 9.283 / 2018

Commission Decrees:

Ordinance No. 1493, of May 14, 2018 - designates the Commission for the Development of the Innovation Policy Proposal for the IFSP

Ordinance No. 3443, of September 28, 2020 - revokes Ordinance No. 1493/2018

Ordinance No. 3490, of September 30, 2020 - corrects Ordinance No. 3443/2020





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