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Students from Pirituba are awarded in Olympics in Brazilian History

Genocide of indigenous and black populations was the theme of the last phase of the competition

  • Published: Tuesday 24 November 2020, 13:49 am
  • Last updated on Tuesday, 24 November 2020, at 13:51

After six phases, competing with around 17 thousand groups from all over Brazil, three teams from the Campus Pirituba were awarded gold, silver and crystal medals in the National Olympics in Brazilian History (ONHB). 

This year, ONHB, a project of Unicamp's History Department, was totally virtual and received 69,8 registrants from all over the country, a total of 17,4 teams formed by students from the last years of elementary school and every year from secondary education in public and private schools. 

Five teams from the IFSP Campus Pirituba, guided by Professor Fátima Moreira, reached the last stage and three qualified for the final. The decisive test was the production of a dissertation chronicle on one of the themes defined by the organization: two teams chose the theme “Genocide of black populations” and one chose “Genocide of indigenous populations”.

The team "Ordem da Fênix", formed by Tamiris Delfino de Faria, Vinicius Miranda and Matheus Emídio, received the crystal medal, for participation in the final stage; “Os Modernistas”, a group formed by the students Heitor Picon, Isadora Muriana and Isabelle Maria da Silva Rocha, won a silver medal; and Nathaly Aureliano da Silva, Anna Luisa Araujo Mascarenhas and Kaylan Sanciani Andrade Silva, from the “Revolucionários” team, were awarded a gold medal. The award ceremony was broadcast on YouTube last Sunday, 22 (see here).

For the Campus Pirituba, the result in this event reveals that, even in an adverse scenario, students and teachers are always willing to do their best in the search for knowledge and in demonstrating the excellence of public education offered by the Institution.

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