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IFSP receives contributions from the community for comparative studies

The community can contribute to the Public Consultation of the National Curriculum Guidelines for Initial Teacher Education for Basic Education

  • Published: Thursday, 12 November 2020, 18h19
  • Last updated on Friday, 13 November 2020, 11h57

The IFSP is receiving contributions, until December 22, for the comparative studies of the National Curriculum Guidelines for the Initial Teacher Training for Basic Education (DCNs).

The proposed text arose from comparative, preliminary studies by the Undergraduate Directorate (DGRA), which used the CNE / CP Resolution No. 2/2019, which establishes new DCNs and establishes the Common National Base for the Initial Formation of Teachers of Basic Education (BNC-Formation) and of the previous norm, the CNE / CP Resolution No. 2/2015, which defined the National Curriculum Guidelines for initial training at higher level and for continuing education. The documents generated by the study are available here

The proposed document was created after comparing different points in the text of each guideline and identifying the main changes and analyzing the impacts on the construction of the Course Reference Curricula and the reformulations of the Pedagogical Course Projects. The study also had the support of the Consultants of the Working Groups (WGs) of the Reference Curricula of the Bachelor's and Pedagogical Training Courses, coordinators and teachers in the Education / Pedagogy area.

The Public Consultation intends to institutionalize strategies that allow courses to meet the new DCNs in order to preserve the institutional values ​​and principles and the identity of the IFSP.

The proposal is available to the internal and external IFSP communities and can be consulted here  The questionnaire can be answered individually, by course or by campus, here

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