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IFSP project selected in AgroResidência map

Initiative will develop activities aimed at the technical qualification of students and recent graduates

  • Published: Wednesday 07 October 2020, 17h25
  • Last updated on Thursday, 08 October 2020, 09h45

An IFSP project was selected in the first Public Call for Proposals for AgroResidência - Professional Agricultural Residency Program - of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa). THE final selection result was released last Monday (5). In all, 75 projects from universities and Federal Institutes in the country will be financed so that they develop activities aimed at the technical qualification of students and recent graduates of agricultural and related sciences courses.

The project of the Federal Institute of São Paulo that will receive the financing of the Map is called “Qualification and training of students and graduates of the IFSP in the Agrarian area in the production and commercialization of local, agroecological and organic products, generating and adapting technologies for the southeast region. of Brazil, valuing the short circuits of production and consumption and redesigning the production chain ”. The initiative is coordinated by Professor Maria Cristina Marques, from the Avaré Campus.

According to the teacher, the main objective of the project is to provide technical experience in a real environment to the students contemplated, where they will be able to accompany daily agroecological agricultural activities, assist in whatever is necessary and understand the importance of organic production in the food security of consumers. According to Cristina, three students from the Integrated Technician in Agroindustry course and three students from the Agribusiness Technology and Biological Sciences courses at the Campus Avaré will benefit.

Through the financing received by the project, students of the integrated technical course will receive a scholarship in the amount of R $ 900 and for students in higher education the scholarship will be of R $ 1.200. Residents' workload will be 40 hours per week. Students and recent graduates will be selected through a public notice, which should be launched by the campus in November. Activities are scheduled to start in February.

According to Cristina, the partnership between the IFSP and the Associação Orgânico Avaré (AOA) and the Coordination for Sustainable Rural Development (CDRS) were fundamental for the approval of the project. The teacher stated that participating in AgroRedidência will be a unique opportunity for the professional training of the Institute's students and that it will provide an incentive for students to participate in other editions of this notice, which, according to her, should become a public policy to encourage new professionals in an area that only grows in Brazil, which is agriculture.

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