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Elections for Dean and Directors: civil servants can register for technical groups

Technical committee formed by IT staff will be responsible for the voting system 

  • Published: Friday, 04 September 2020, 19h53
  • Last updated on Thursday, 24 September 2020, 15h20

Due to the exceptionality caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the electoral process for the rector and general directors of the Federal Institute of São Paulo will follow the virtual rite and will have electronic voting, online, carried out through the Helios Voting System, respecting the established security rules regulatory bodies. Computer servers can register until September 22, according to the rules described in Public Call 01, Public Call 02 e Public Call 03, to compose a technical committee responsible for the voting system, with attributions described in the call notices.

The online voting system adopted by the Federal Institute of São Paulo has the following characteristics:
I - secrecy: the system does not allow interference from third parties for the purpose of violating the secrecy of the vote;
II - privacy: guarantees the encryption of votes, so that it is not possible to identify or breach information;
III - traceability: provides, for each voter, a traceable number of his / her vote, allowing him / her to check if the vote was duly deposited, in addition to registering the IP of the device used by the voter;
IV - data integrity: ensure that votes are not altered or deleted by third parties;
V - counting of votes: allow the gross counting of votes, automatically, for the position of Rector;
VI - proof: allow auditing, since it is open source software, which can be verified by the school community and / or the external community.

The campaign period for the first round of the election will be between September 17th and October 12th. The date scheduled for the first round is October 13, the result of the calculation will be released on the 16th of the same month.

 Election on advanced campuses

As already disclosed, the IFSP rectory published the 3.177 Ordinance, which indicates a differentiated form of consultation for the advanced campuses Jundiaí, Tupã, Ilha Solteira and São Miguel Paulista, regarding the choice of their new directors-general.

Like Decree 6986 / 09, which regulates consultations for campuses general directors at Federal Institutes, does not cover advanced campuses, it is the discretion of the rector to appoint these directors, regardless of the duration of these campuses. However, the current IFSP management has adopted a policy of holding democratic consultations with campuses that have been in operation for more than two years.

In this way, together with the processes triggered for the election of president and general directors of campuses, there will be consultations for the advanced campuses previously mentioned. The Electoral Code for the choice of managing directors for advanced campuses follows the same schedule as for the election of director-generals for the other IFSP campuses, with pertinent changes in some process rules, which can be seen in the specific code available below.

For complete information, Click here and access electoral codes and all documents of the Electoral Process.


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