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IFSP launches ordinance on election for general director in advanced campuses

Document indicates differentiated form of consultation for the Jundiaí, Tupã, Ilha Solteira and São Miguel Paulista campuses

  • Published: Tuesday, 01 September 2020, 11h35
  • Last updated on Thursday, 03 September 2020, 15h46

The IFSP rectory published Monday, August 31, Ordinance 3.177, which indicates a differentiated form of consultation for the advanced campuses Jundiaí, Tupã, Ilha Solteira and São Miguel Paulista, regarding the choice of their new general directors.

Like Decree 6986 / 09, which regulates consultations for general campuses directors at Federal Institutes, does not cover advanced campuses, it is the discretion of the rector to appoint these directors, regardless of the duration of these campuses. However, the current management of the IFSP has adopted a policy of holding democratic consultations with campuses that have been in operation for more than two years.

Thus, the ordinance determines that, together with the processes triggered for the election of rector and general directors of campuses, consultations for the advanced campuses mentioned above occur.

The document also establishes that the Electoral Code for these consultations is released together with the code for the election of general directors of the other IFSP campuses, with the relevant changes.

According to Rector Eduardo Modena, in some institutes, there may not even be elections for advanced campuses, but guaranteeing elections in these campuses, allowing the community to choose their leaders directly, strengthens democracy in the IFSP, a pillar of the current administration, which implemented the consultation, both for campuses as advanced campuses, since they are two years old. Unlike what is required by law for the position of general directors of campuses, as has already occurred in previous consultations, any employee can apply for the general direction of advanced campuses, regardless of the time of effective exercise or career level.



Ordinance 3.177 of August 31, 2020

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