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Neabi celebrates five years with series of webinars

Fifth transmission takes place this Tuesday (25th), at 10am; follow here 

  • Published: Tuesday 25 August 2020, 16h40
  • Last updated on Tuesday, August 25, 2020, at 16:59 am

The IFSP Nucleus of Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous Studies (Neabi) completes, on August 20, five years of its official launch. Eight lives are scheduled to discuss issues relevant to the group's work during its period of existence. The 5th transmission will take place this Tuesday, August 25th, starting at 10am. The webinar will discuss the topic "Race and Gender: intersectionality in the educational space". Visit here.

Approved by Ordinance No. 2.587 / 2015, Neabi brings the IFSP's commitment to recognizing that racism and discrimination are still recurrent practices, and often happen in a veiled way, hidden by a pseudo-inclusive discourse. In this way, the nucleus proposes discussions and reflections in all areas of the Institution in order to promote education for ethnic-racial relations that aims at equal rights and conditions of access and permanence through the appreciation of diversity and mutual respect. 

Educator Caroline Jango, coordinator of Neabi, recalls that there were many challenges encountered in these five years of the group, “because a structurally racist society imposes on us colonized ways of knowing the world, and the educational space reproduces and produces this logic of discrimination”. 

For Caroline, building ways to decolonize knowledge and pedagogical practices are not easy tasks, “but the Neabi / IFSP gradually added several education professionals who committed themselves to building the reflections, debates, documents and training necessary for the recognition of the challenge, which is to build an anti-racist educational institution ”, he explains.

Upon completing five years, the coordinator points out a united, coherent, active and well-known group in the Institution for tirelessly tackling the existing racial and ethnic inequalities and, mainly, for proposing different forms of knowledge construction that consider the African, Afro-Brazilian and indigenous people in order to effectively value and promote the ethnic and racial diversity that constitutes the Federal Institute. "The challenge continues and we hope that other people will be able to compose, support, contribute and monitor the actions of Neabi / IFSP", he concludes.


The first webinar to commemorate the anniversary of the nucleus was held on August 6, at 10 am. Access here

 Check out the dates, themes and guests of all lives:

Date: 11/08/2020 - 10am

Accessibility and re-education of ethnic racial relations: a possible dialogue - Visit here

Caroline Jango (Campus Hortolândia - Neabi), Carla Vilaronga (Campus São Carlos - NAPNE), Carlos Candido (DroneLab Brazil)

Get to know the “Invisible Narratives” project that made knowledge about monuments of black Brazilian culture accessible 

Date: 13/08/2020 - 17am

Art, Science and Body in the perspective of the re-education of ethnic-racial relations - Visit here.

Pedagogue Caroline Jango (Campus Hortolândia / Mediação), Professor Monique Reis (Campus President Epitácio), Professor Thiago Costa (Campus Registration), Professor Christian Moura (Campus Campos do Jordão), Professor Rosa Amélia Barbosa (Advanced Campus Ilha Solteira)

 Date: 18/08/2020 - 14am

The consolidation of Law 10.639 / 03 in the teaching of science and technology - Visit here

Pedagogue Caroline Jango (mediation), Professor Giselly Barros (Câmpus São Paulo); Professor Huyra Araújo (Câmpus Piracicaba), Professor. Adriana Marques (Campus Itapetininga)

Special guest: Professor Carlos Machado, author of the book “Geniuses of Humanity: Science, Technology and African and African descent”. 

Date: 25/08/2020 - 10am 

Race and Gender: intersectionality in the educational space 

Pedagogue Caroline Jango (Campus Hortolândia), Professor Marcos da Cruz (Advanced Campus Ilha Solteira), Teacher Cristiane Santana (Campus Jacareí), Teacher Maisa Fidalgo (Campus Registration - NUGS) 

NEABI Dialogue - NUGS

Learn more about Neabi here

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