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History, Education and Mathematics Magazine launches volume

IFSP publication helps to increase the participation of women and young researchers in Science 

  • Published: Thursday, 30 July 2020, 10h10
  • Last updated on Tuesday, August 04, 2020, at 11:25 am

The IFSP Brazilian Journal of History, Education and Mathematics, Hipátia, launches Volume 5 number 1, with papers presented at the International Seminar on Qualitative Research (SIPEQ). Access here.

The editor-in-chief of the publication, Professor César Otero-Garcia, highlights the importance of maintaining the publication in this pandemic period. “I believe that the greatest relevance of the publication of the issue is the fact that it shows that we continue to work during this period of social isolation, we continue other activities, including research, that is, it is another element to help society understand that we are not just an educational institution, but also a research and extension institution. ”


The magazine Qualis B2 in the area of ​​Education is published every six months since March 8, 2016 and accepts works in the History of Mathematics, Mathematical Education and Mathematics (pure and applied). 

Two main concepts guide the publication: helping to increase the participation of women in Science in Brazil and opening a space for young researchers (masters, doctoral students and doctors who have obtained a title for a maximum of five years).

The magazine consists of five sections. In “essays”, discursive texts of a critical character are accepted; in "articles" complete works are published or with consistent partial results; in "scientific initiation", accepted works resulting from research at the undergraduate level (scientific initiation, course completion work, monographs resulting from work guided by professors, etc.) are accepted; in "experience reports" texts are published that describe precisely a given experience that can contribute in a relevant way to the areas of Hipátia; in "reviews" book reviews, dissertations and theses, or other formats of interest have been published, preferably not more than seven years ago.

Articles are submitted in a continuous flow. The evaluation of the works is done by two referees in double-blind (the author does not know who the referees are and the referees do not know who the author is).

To learn more visit hipatia.mat.br.

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