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IFSP student is awarded in a programming challenge

Student developed a solution aimed at the well-being of truck drivers

  • Posted: Tuesday, July 21, 2020, 11:40 pm
  • Last updated on Tuesday, 21 July 2020, 18h03

Fábio Cardoso, student of the course in Technology in Analysis and Systems Development at Câmpus Capivari, participated in the team that had the project awarded in a programming challenge (hackathon) of the infrastructure concessionaire CCR, which had seven thousand subscribers. 

The challenge brought together ideas for the truckers' routine, aiming at solutions to improve the quality of life on the roads, mainly in the physical and mental dimensions of these professionals. The seven thousand participants in the hackathon formed 550 teams. After 56 hours of work, participants delivered 330 projects.

The 3rd year student of the IFSP technology course highlights that time was the main difficulty for the group, also formed by Dieimerson Vieira, Cristiane Silva, André Vinicius and Igor Junio. The team presented the technological solution “Bem no Caminho”, based on a set of strategies to encourage a healthier life for truck drivers. 

Participants interviewed 40 truck drivers, who pointed out the lack of safe rest stops with infrastructure for physical activities, food and social interaction. 

Several features were gathered in the solution, such as travel routes, stop suggestions and emergency button. In the “take care of my health” option, the user interacts with a movement reading technology to exercise at the stops. With the aim of strengthening social ties with family and friends, technology offers the possibility of sharing photos during the trip. 

The third place among 330 projects was celebrated by the group members. “We were very happy and satisfied, because we worked hard and the project was well structured, the mentors spoke very well about the structure we developed”, reveals Fábio.

He points out that the IFSP had a fundamental role in this achievement. “I believe that it all comes down to the teachers and the quality of teaching at the Campus Capivari.” 

The team received, as an award, the amount of R $ 30 thousand reais, which was divided among the participants. With an eye on the future, Fábio will use the money to improve his work tools for the next projects. 

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