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Proceedings of the Microwave Workshop obtain their own ISSN

Registration brings advantages to those who publish articles at the event

  • Published: Friday, 03 July 2020, 17h30
  • Last updated on Friday, 03 July 2020, 17h30

Os Microwave Workshop Proceedings, scientific publication of the Microwave Workshop, an event organized and promoted by the James Clerk Maxwell Laboratory of Microwave and Applied Electromagnetism (LabMax), now has their own ISSN (International Standard Serial Number).

The novelty that allows researchers who publish at the event to use the registration of the article published by the author on the Lattes platform. This qualifies the work to be presented in title exams in public tenders and facilitates the citation of articles in academic works.

The code serves to identify titles of serial publications, such as periodicals and annals of events, in a unique way, and cannot be reused by another serial publication title except the one to which it was applied.

ISSN is a kind of identity for serial publications and is the easiest way to find a periodical or event in a database or in a library search system or in a bibliographic search system, as it is a unique identification in all over the world, which remains even if the publication changes its name or merges with another serial publication.

Currently, ISSN is a great ally in obtaining scientific production indicators, such as the impact factor, the citation index and the H-Index, which are important instruments for evaluating journals and events.

Although not mandatory, it is considered as a quality control parameter for periodic scientific journals, in addition to being an indexing criterion in national and international databases.

With this effort, the researchers at LabMax begin the search for international recognition of the WMO, as an event with a high impact factor, in the area of ​​Microwaves and Applied Electromagnetism.

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