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IFSP professors integrate WG on Local Productive Arrangements

The group intends to update the criteria and indicators for the recognition of APLs in the State of São Paulo

  • Published: Friday, 03 July 2020, 13h37

Professor Andréia de Alcântara Cerizza, from the Campus Birigui, and Professor Leandro Marcos Tessari, from the Campus Campos do Jordão, are part of the Working Group (GT) Local Productive Arrangements (APLs), of the Economic Development Secretary of the State of São Paulo. The appointment of teachers was published in the official gazette on June 3, 2020.

Constituted by Resolution nº 06, on May 29, the group aims to update the criteria and indicators for the recognition of local productive arrangements in the State of São Paulo, to establish the characteristics that identify the maturity levels of each productive agglomeration and the groups of proposed actions for each condition and propose the frequency of updates and reports to be presented by the productive agglomerations.

 The WG is coordinated by Karina Sayuri Sataka Bugarin, coordinator of Regional and Territorial Development of the Secretariat for Economic Development of the State of São Paulo, together with Juliana Arnaut de Santana and Cláudia Cerqueira do Nascimento, respectively technical director and technical advisor to the Development coordinator Regional and Territorial. In addition to the IFSP professors, the group also has the participation of researchers from other teaching and research institutions.

The working group approach and formation meetings began in August 2019. Over the months, the group reviewed the regulations regarding local productive arrangements in the state, as well as participated in the 1st São Paulo APL Seminar, held by the Development Secretariat Economic Affairs of the State of São Paulo, on October 14th and 15th, 2019, which was also attended by the IFSP Research Dean, Eder Sacconi, and the director of the Technological Innovation Center, Adalton Ozaki.



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