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Enem ranking: several campuses are at the top among local schools

Campus Suzano is the Institute's best placed in the state and national rankings

  • Published: Thursday, 02 July 2020, 12h41

The Suzano Campus appears at the top of the ranking of federal educational institutions in the state of São Paulo, also having the highest score among all schools in the city, according to a survey carried out by the educational platform Evolutionary. The data reveal the performance of students from public and private schools in the National High School Examination (Enem) in 2019. 

Another seven campuses of the Institute also stood out locally and guaranteed the first place among all schools in the municipality where they are installed. They are: Cubatão, Caraguatatuba, Campos do Jordão, Sertãozinho, São Roque, Presidente Epitácio and Capivari. Jacareí and Hortolândia also had good local performance and guaranteed 2nd place among schools in the city. These classifications take into account the students' grades in the objective and essay tests.

For the Director-General pro tempore from Câmpus Suzano, Wagner Garo, although the goal is not to win this or that position in any ranking, the results were received with great pride and joy. He believes that these results are the cornerstones of all work that seeks to offer a quality service, free and inclusive, characterized by the participatory construction of all entities in the community (students, civil servants, local government, companies and community organizations in the region). Still according to Wagner, the good local performances of the campuses only have to contribute to make the Institution, more and more, a pride for the community and region, demonstrating the effective and potential gains that this teaching model can bring to the country.

Evolucional's list was organized by states based on microdata released by the National Institute for Institutional Studies and Research (Inep) on June 26. The survey was made using only the data of students who attended the third year of high school in 2019 and did not zero any of the tests. Only schools that had more than ten students participating in the tests were also considered.

The IFSP dean, Eduardo Modena, congratulated the ranked players and also the other campuses; according to him, all have stood out, maintaining quality education. Modena says that it is very comforting to see the IFSP on any podium, but that “the real Enem is to know that our students leave with awareness of the world of ideas, work, science, and as agents that transform their own lives and the country” .

More notes

Considering the objective tests and the Enem essay, Câmpus Suzano appears among the 49 best grades of federal public schools in the country and among the 772 best grades between Brazilian public and private schools. Among the IFSP campuses, it is the best placed in the survey. Cubatão, Caraguatatuba and São Paulo were also guaranteed in the ranking of the hundred federal public schools with the highest marks.

Not counting the grade of the students in the Enem newsroom, Câmpus Suzano rises in the ranking, figuring as the 22nd best classified in the list of federal public schools in Brazil and occupying the 381st position in the ranking of the best public and private schools. Without the newsroom, Cubatão, Caraguatatuba and São Paulo also guarantee even better positions in the ranking of federal schools, being among the 60 best rated institutions.

All grades and grades can be checked at Evolutionary platform.



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