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Colabore Platform receives registration of trainers 

Objective is to encourage the participation of civil servants in training actions on campus

  • Published: Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 13:41 pm
  • Last updated on Monday, 27 July 2020, 12:07

The Department of Pedagogical Articulation, Inclusive Actions and Continuing Education of the Dean of Education (DAPE / PRE) relaunches Colabore, a permanent platform for registering trainers. 

The platform aims to encourage the participation of teachers and administrative technicians in training actions on the IFSP campuses, through workshops, lectures, Webinar, Among others.

The initiative is in line with the concepts of collective construction of knowledge, networked knowledge, sharing of experiences and continuing education. 

To participate, the server must fill out a form with their professional information (academic background, areas of expertise and performance) and availability. 

DAPE will act as a mediator between campuses and registered trainers, seeking to enable actions that are in line with local demands.

Access the form at https://limesurvey.ifsp.edu.br/index.php/292182/lang-pt-BR.


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