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IFs issue joint notice to support research projects

IFSP and IFSuldeMinas select four proposals; registration open until June 30

  • Published: Tuesday, June 09, 2020, 16:02 pm
  • Last updated on Wednesday, 01 July 2020, 10h18

The Federal Institutes of the South of Minas Gerais (IFSULDEMINAS) and São Paulo (IFSP) announce the opening of joint notice for the selection of proposals for research projects within the scope of the two institutions, which significantly contribute to the development of science through collaborative research networks in all areas of knowledge.

Four proposals with a maximum value of R $ 12.500,00 (twelve thousand and five hundred reais) will be supported to be used for capital and costing expenses, including amounts intended for stock exchanges. The projects can be developed in up to 24 months, with the possibility of scholarships for up to 18 months (each proposal can only present the request of a fellow for each of the teaching modalities: higher, integrated and subsequent technician). The project must have two coordinators, one from IFSULDEMINAS and the other from IFSP. 

The financial contribution to the projects approved under this notice will come from the budget matrix of each Institution, being R $ 25.000,00 (twenty-five thousand reais) by IFSP and R $ 25.000,00 (twenty-five thousand reais) by IFSULDEMINAS, totaling R $ 50.000,00 (fifty thousand reais).

Submission of proposals

Enrollments can now be made and extend until June 30, 2020. The registration and submission of projects must be done by the IFSULDEMINAS coordinator, mandatorily, through the Research and Extension Project System (GPPEx), available in: https://gppex.ifsuldeminas.edu.br/index.php/login. 

Only registrations for projects that are registered and submitted to the public notice will be accepted within the deadline established in the schedule and in the GPPEx. Up to two proposals per researcher will be admitted. In addition, submissions that have the potential to generate patents or other forms of intellectual property must be protected by the confidentiality required for innovation projects.

See below the documents required at the time of registration, which must be attached to the GPPEx in a compressed folder as indicated below:
The. Research project proposal (Annex l),
B. Budget spreadsheet (Annex II);
ç. Letter of consent signed by the Director-General of the campus (Annex Ill);
d. Proof of updated Lattes Curriculum from both coordinators.

Participant requirements

Proponents must be effective servants of IFSULDEMINAS or IFSP. The complete list of requirements and obligations can be found in item 4.1 of this notice. Scholarship students, on the other hand, must be regularly enrolled in one of the two degrees and not be graduating from the course during the scholarship period. Item 4.2 of the notice details the other conditions.

Project requirements

Research projects must contribute to the development of the knowledge area in which it is inserted and be adequate to the amount of resources requested, in addition to contributing to the fulfillment of the objectives and purposes set out in Law 11.892 / 2008. In addition, those involving human beings humans, directly or indirectly, and experimentation with animals must comply with the relevant legislation on research ethics.

The proposal must contain a maximum of 10 (ten) pages, in A4 format, 1,5 spacing and written in Anal font, size 12 and margins 2.


 Stage  Data
Submission of projects 08 to 30 June 2020
Homologation of registrations as of July 01, 2020
Resource * regarding homologation of registrations 24 hours after disclosure
Preliminary result as of July 13, 2020 
Appeal * regarding the preliminary result 24 hours after disclosure
Final result as of July 15, 2020 
Text: Ascom Reitoria / IFSULDEMINAS
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