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Technology Education: IFSP participates in Teachers In Tech

Online panels will take place between the 09th and 12th of June, aiming to connect professionals in the technology area to generate new opportunities in the digital market

  • Published: Monday 08 June 2020, 21h18
  • Last updated on Thursday, 11 June 2020, 09h34

Professor Renata Porto Vanni, from the Campus Araraquara, will represent the IFSP at the Teachers In Tech, a program that aims to connect teachers, students and technology professionals to generate new opportunities in the digital market. The event will take place in the form of online panels that will be broadcast by YouTube, Facebook and Linkedin, between the 9th and 12th of June.

O Teachers In Tech it will have the participation of professionals from large companies such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook, in addition to educational institutions such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Centro Paula Souza and the Federal Institute of São Paulo. During the four days, teachers, entrepreneurs, technology executives, consultants, specialists in the digital market and software developers discuss the new educational opportunities in the area of ​​technology and the opportunities for workability in the digital market.

Topics such as the opportunities created by digital transformation, the educational tools for this new market and the role of the teacher as a hub for connections to accelerate the formation of talents will be discussed, a panel in which Professor Renata will participate. According to her, one of the teacher's roles is to assist in the formation of these talents - which are not necessarily born - but developed with the skills acquired in school education, built by valuing knowledge in the three pillars of the IFSP: teaching, research and extension. "It is up to us IFSP servers to connect students to opportunities for them to follow paths chosen by them," he said.

Professor Renata said that the Federal Institute of São Paulo is a partner of Digital Innovation One (DIO), one of the creators of Teachers In Tech. DIO is a platform that offers training in areas related to information technology. The student or professional can choose a training path and choose several courses that generate certification. Companies have access and can know that the person has a certain qualification; thus, there is a chance to recruit these professionals for internships and job vacancies. “We, at the Federal Institute, have a partnership with DIO: all students who enter and inform their institutional e-mail (@ student.ifsp.edu.br) have free access to all courses on this platform, ”he said.

To participate, sign up for free at: https://www.sympla.com.br/teachers-in-tech__869000. In the link it is also possible to check the complete program of the event.



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