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Conif launches panel with Federal Network actions during pandemic

The platform was made possible by Conif based on a proposal by the Federal Institute of São Paulo.

  • Published: Monday 01 June 2020, 11h24
  • Last updated on Tuesday 02 June 2020, 15:36

Alcohol production (liquid and gel 70%) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), development of applications to monitor the evolution of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) and to facilitate trade in the most varied sectors in the context of social isolation, in addition to donation of food and hygiene kits.

The list summarizes a series of projects that - were and are still being put into practice - by the institutions of the Federal Network for Professional, Scientific and Technological Education, since March 11, 2020, when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the existence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to disseminate the initiatives of the 38 Federal Institutes of Education, Science and Technology, the two Federal Technological Education Centers (Cefets) and Colégio Pedro II, the National Council of Institutions of the Federal Network of Professional, Scientific and Technological Education ( Conif) launches, this Monday, 1/6, the Map "Federal Network in the Fight against COVID-19".

"In this pandemic moment, the Federal Network continues to strive to contribute to society, carrying out teaching, research and extension actions together with all those who need it, in order to mitigate the effects of this crisis", declares the president of Conif, Jadir Through the.


Map - The first phase of the platform shows the contribution of each of the institutions with the global task force to stop the number of contaminations, hospitalizations and deaths.

A counter will show the general quantity of what was produced by the units, for example, more than 153 thousand liters of 70% alcohol gel, 197 thousand masks and the making of almost 66 thousand facial protectors.

The activities involved managers, teachers, students, administrative technicians and alumni, in addition to partnerships (public and private) and numerous volunteers from the external community, who joined in respecting the suspension of classes due to social isolation.

The “Federal Network in Combating COVID-19” Map will be improved over the next few months. At each stage, new data will be added that will be available for consultation with the general public, especially with regard to the transparent application of public resources destined to the Federal Network committed to free, quality public education.


Project - The platform was made possible by Conif based on a proposal by the Federal Institute of São Paulo (IFSP). According to the Dean of the Institute, Eduardo Modena, the idea presented took into account layout and map data that had already been created by other institutions of the Network.

“This work is aimed at the academic community and all Brazilians. Internally, we reaffirm the importance of our model based on the teaching, research and extension tripod. For the whole of society, it is a way of showing that resources for education are not spent, but investments. And, as public institutions, we have implemented one of the pillars of Public Administration: that of advertising ”, says Modena.

It was up to the members of the Forum of Information Technology Managers (Forti), to build the Map "Federal Network to Confront COVID-19". Forti's coordinator, Carla Pires, from the Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Sul (IFRS), explains that the construction of the panel started from definitions such as: system structure, decentralization, creation of users, feeding of information in each institution, among others aspects.

“Our idea is to keep two development focuses constantly evolving: making the system as flexible as possible, with all configurable aspects; and make layout improvements, taking into account the demands that may arise. Still in line with Conif, the possibility of making feasible the mapping for other niches of actions produced by the Federal Network, already thinking in the post-pandemic moment ”, says Carla.


Access the “Federal Network in the Fight against COVID-19” Map 

Source: Conif Communication Advisory - portal.conif.org.br

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