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Hybrid Teaching is the theme of a webinar from the EaD Reference Center

Online conference takes place this Wednesday, June 03rd, at 14pm; Follow here

  • Published: Thursday, 28 May 2020, 19h01
  • Last updated on Wednesday, June 03, 2020, 18:12 am

The IFSP Reference Center for Distance Education will broadcast on Wednesday, June 03, at 14:XNUMX pm, the webinar “Hybrid Teaching or Hybrid Learning?”, With Professor Paloma Epprecht and Machado de Campos Chaves, from the Campus Capivari.

In this webinar, the mathematical paradigm that gives meaning to some innovative pedagogical practices will be presented and discussed, among which, the “Hybrid Teaching”.

In addition, a real experience of innovation in education will be presented, ongoing in the Chemistry Degree course at IFSP - Câmpus Capivari. The aim is to help participants answer the following questions: "Why is it necessary to innovate in education?" and “How can we transform the school we have into the school we want?”. 

Access to the webinar will be made through the address: https://conferenciaweb.rnp.br/webconf/ead-ifsp

Those interested in following the activities promoted by the IFSP EaD Reference Center can register here .

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