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IFSP delivers two thousand face shields to Hospital do Campo Limpo

The more than 2.300 hospital servers had only 200 face shields

  • Published: Thursday, 28 May 2020, 11h33
  • Last updated on Friday, 29 May 2020, 12:10

Last Tuesday, the IFSP delivered two thousand face shields to professionals at the Municipal Hospital of Campo Limpo (Fernando Mauro Pires da Rocha), in the capital of São Paulo.

The more than 2.300 civil servants at the site, including doctors, nurses and those responsible for cleaning, had so far received only 200 protective equipment. Alexandre Chahad, executive director of Agência Inova IFSP, says that the management of the health unit itself contacted the Federal Institute. “The donation was essential, as they had no face shields for the servers. They were very grateful and asked for the donation of 70º gel alcohol. ”

The action was conceived by Inova and Câmpus São Paulo and counted on the work of IFSP servers Rodrigo Delphino, Simone Delphino, Cíntia Gonçalves, Leonardo Mendes, Giulia Perini, Alexandre Chahad, Breno Santos and Marcos Amorielle Furini.

As in the other actions, the production and donation of this personal protective equipment counted on a partnership with the private sector. The support of the protectors was donated by the Toolingaria Reis and Poloni Indústria Termoplástica. The visors were purchased by IFSP and processed free of charge by Printi.

The process of purchasing materials through the IFSP is carried out by the working group for the purchase of inputs and equipment to combat Covid-19, created by Administrative Rule no. of campuses. “Without the work of these servers, nothing happens”, highlights Chahad, pointing out the servers José Roberto, Fernanda Amorim and Jade Schevenin.

Alcohol gel

The IFSP is awaiting receipt of a letter from the Hospital do Campo Limpo informing the necessary amount of alcohol gel to arrange the donation. "As we have campuses near the capital producing alcohol gel, we are only waiting for the survey of health professionals who are evaluating the necessary quantity, but we will serve them," says Chahad. According to him, more than 50 thousand liters of alcohol gel have already been produced by the IFSP.

Crisis Committee

On March 13, the rectory of the Federal Institute of São Paulo constituted the crisis committee with the objective of monitoring and evaluating, within the scope of the IFSP, the implications related to COVID-19. know more here.

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