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EaD Reference Center promotes webinar on ProEdu this Wednesday

The chat will be conducted by the general coordinator of ProEdu

  • Published: Wednesday, 27 May 2020, 10h27

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 The IFSP Reference Center for Distance Education broadcasts this Wednesday (27), at 18 pm, the webinar "Democratization of access to Open Educational Resources: the ProEdu experience (Repository of Educational Resources for Professional and Technological Education) ”, with Professor Raymundo Machado Ferreira Filho (IFSul), general coordinator of the ProEdu project.

O ProEdu it is the repository of educational objects of the professional and technological network of the Secretariat of Professional and Technological Education (Setec) of the Ministry of Education. In this webinar, the experience in sharing open educational resources from the Federal Network will be presented. Topics such as the licensing of resources and copyrights, production flows and availability of materials, accessible production, among other related areas, will be addressed.

Among the educational resources made available by the repository is the “Guidance: use of ICTs, Media and Languages ​​in educational processes ”, which was produced by the EaD Reference Center and has already obtained almost 3.000 downloads this year alone.

The webinar is part of the actions of the Board of Directors of the Reference Center, which aim to address the main themes on the use of technological resources applied to education, bringing experts on the topics. Those interested in attending the webinar should register here.


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