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Selection process 2018 - 1st semester

 As in the 2nd semester of 2017, the selection was made through the analysis of school records, that is, there was no test. Applications were made from October 9 to November 12 on the IFSP website. 

  • Published: Monday, 02 October 2017, 19h36
  • Last updated on Monday, 25 November 2019, 11:48


All of the 5.942 places available, with their respective periods and offer campuses, as well as the specific prerequisites for each course, are set out in Annex III of the notice.

Subscription link here.

Integrated, concurrent and subsequent - Technical courses integrated to High School are those in which the student is attending High School and Technical at IFSP, and must, necessarily, have completed Elementary School. The Technical Courses Concomitant to Secondary Education are those in which the student only takes Technical Education at IFSP, and must, necessarily, be enrolled in Secondary Education. In technical courses subsequent to High School, the student is only attending Technical Education at IFSP, and must have completed High School.

Social name - In accordance with IFSP Ordinance No. 2.102, of May 13, 2014, the Institute guarantees the transgender candidate the right to be treated by gender and social name during the selection process.

See the selection documents:

Notice nº 744, from 02 October 2017 (PDF type, size 2.60 MB)
Annex I - Table of equivalence between concepts and numerical notes (PDF type, size 149kB) - Updated November 24, 2017.
Annex II - How to insert notes in the registration system (PDF type, size 2.02MB)
Annex III - Courses offered (PDF type, size 470.21kB)
Annex IV - Declarations (PDF type, size 12.68kB)
Annex V - Application for inclusion and use of the social name (PDF type, size 65.95 kB)
Annex VI - Documents for registration (PDF type, size 151.58 kB)

Preliminary List of Registrations 

Errata - Preliminary Registration List 

Important report 

 Important: Resources

Candidates / Vacancies Report

Preliminary classification result (PDF type, size 4.01 MB) 

Appeal form against preliminary classification (Word type, size 24.97 kB) 

Call for registration (PDF type, size 1.78 MB) 

Final result (PDF type, size 3.15 MB) 

Result of resources (PDF type, size 280.62 KB) 


Public notice in Libras

Communiqué: Continuation of studies through reclassification (PDF type, size 144 KB)

How to access the password registration / recovery system (PDF type, size 960KB)


Selection Process Coordination e-mail: .


Click on the video below and check out how to subscribe:

Click on the video below and check how to insert your note in the registration system:

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