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Project for decontamination of hospital supplies is approved

IFSP researchers will receive R $ 90.000 for the development of modules in six months

  • Published: Tuesday, 19 May 2020, 15h58
  • Last updated on Friday, 22 May 2020, 10:07

A project of the Laboratory of Applied Control (LCA), of the Campus São Paulo, was approved in a public notice to promote the EDP, a company in the electricity sector that selected projects to deal with the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

The project, called ULTRACIF, consists of a sterilization chamber by germicidal ultraviolet irradiation (IUVG), of continuous flow, for the decontamination of medical and hospital supplies. The work was developed jointly with the company Bright Photomedicine, through a cooperation agreement, and will receive R $ 90.000,00 reais for the development of functional prototypes that should be ready over the next six months.

The project's development team is formed by professor Alexandre Brincalepe Campo and student Rafael Feitoza, from the Control and Automation Engineering course, at Campus São Paulo; Luísa Perez Yamauchi Baptista, from USP's Polytechnic School; engineer Carlos Eduardo Palmieri Teixeira, server at Câmpus São Carlos, and businessman Marcelo Sousa, physicist and owner of Bright Photomedicine.

According to Professor Brincalepe, the project was proposed based on the analysis of scientific articles on the subject and considering the new guidelines of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention American CDC). "Aware of the danger of exposure of human tissues to type C ultraviolet irradiation, a proposal was made in which decontamination is carried out in a confined chamber, guaranteeing the intrinsic protection of the system user," he said. According to him, the proposal also contemplates decontamination through a continuous process, making it possible to add equipment to the process at any time. 

For Carlos Eduardo Palmieri, who in addition to this project is also helping to develop the prototype of a mechanical respirator, society is experiencing a moment in which immediate solutions are needed and Federal Institutes and universities, through science, have sought to do their part. "This technological solution proposed by us servers, students, researchers, brings great benefit to the community, which will be safer and more protected in the fight against this virus", he said.

Check the characteristics and how ULTRACIF works in the art:




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