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Jacareí campus promotes virtual chat in Libras

The Sociopedagogical Coordination of the Campus Jacareí brought together 30 people in a virtual chat in Libras held last Thursday. 

  • Published: Monday, May 04th, 2020, 11:26 pm
  • Last updated on Tuesday, 05 May 2020, 20:26

Students and alumni of the Jacareí and Campos do Jordão campuses and external guests participated in this first virtual meeting, which aimed to create a space for the deaf to tell how the isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is going. 

Mariana Aparecida de Oliveira Rosa, coordinator of the Jacareí socio-educational program, says that in addition to the deaf community of Vale do Paraíba, the meeting received visitors from São Paulo, Guarulhos and Penedo (RJ), as well as several interpreters from the region. "The adhesion was very high and the meeting was very positive, we are already planning another virtual chat for May and we intend to open the activity for the whole deaf community", he evaluates. 

Despite reports about the difficulty of access to interact with the community in general, and also with the deaf community, the participants highlighted as positive the frequent participation of interpreters in many lives. "During the chat they gave tips on activities in the quarantine, shared recipes, suggested films, presented handicrafts. In general, they showed that while some are dealing well with this global reality, including expanding friendships with other groups of virtual conversation and understandings. on issues related to the deaf community, others are presenting difficulties in the family and with work ", reported Mariana. 

The event had the support of sign language translators (TILS) from the Pirituba and Boituva Campus, as well as interpreters from the University of Taubaté and the Paraíba Valley region. The action was also supported by the Support Center for People with Special Needs of the Jacareí Campus. The unit currently has three deaf students, all from the Technical Course in Administration integrated to high school, who are served by three TILS.

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