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Campus Guarulhos performs the repair of six respirators

Student and servers made repairs on devices

  • Published: Wednesday, April 29, 2020, 14:59 pm

The Guarulhos Campus carried out this week the repair of six respirators belonging to the Municipal Health Department. These devices, which had been stopped for a long time, will now be able to help save the lives of people contaminated by Covid-19.

The repairs, coordinated by Professor João Alves Pacheco, were carried out in the campus hydraulic laboratory and also involved Professor Diego Siviero and student Marcelo Ricardo Silva, both from Guarulhos, the director of the Itaquaquecetuba Campus, Denilson Mauri, and the Education Technician Paula Ferrari, also from Itaquaquecetuba.

For Pacheco, considering the circumstances so adverse that our country faces, it is essential to contribute as a citizen and public servant to overcome or at least mitigate the challenges that the pandemic imposes on everyone. “In this way, putting our knowledge to try to repair stationary equipment seems to me to converge with the IFSP's ethical commitment”, he reflects. The professor recalls that, after repairs, the equipment must undergo calibration. This process, which consists of adjusting operating conditions, such as pressure and flow, with appropriate instruments, will not be carried out at the Institute.

Marcelo, who is currently a student in the 4th period of graduation in Automation Technology at Câmpus Guarulhos, says that it is very gratifying to know that his knowledge can collaborate to save lives: “this is priceless”. He also believes that this action will contribute a lot to his resume. “IFSP student is already welcome throughout the national territory; when focused on the electronics of highly complex devices, even better ”, he explains.

Ricardo Agostinho, director of Câmpus Guarulhos, was responsible for intermediating contact with the municipal health department. According to him, the action represents the IFSP's role for society. “While the city of Guarulhos is working to meet demand from the city and the surrounding area, we are helping to deliver repaired respirators. We hope that lives can be saved with action. ”

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