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Covid-19: São José dos Campos assists in the interpretation of graphs

Online discussions are open to the public and have taken place every Tuesday at 9am

  • Published: Tuesday, April 28th, 2020, 10:47 am

Teachers in the Mathematics degree course at the São José dos Campos Campus have been promoting online discussions to help the community interpret the graphs for Covid-19. The action takes place weekly (Tuesdays, at 9 am) in a videoconference room open to anyone interested (on this link).

 Creator of the action, Professor Marcos William explains that the population has received a very large amount of information in numerical and graphical data due to the pandemic and that, many times, it can be confused with the interpretations. In the presentations, the teachers seek to formalize some basic concepts of mathematics, simplifying the language and taking questions from the participants, allowing their own interpretation of what is happening in the world and in Brazil.

Professor Fabiane Guimarães, also the organizer of the action, understands that the critical interpretation of the information obtained on a daily basis is always important, even more so at the present time. It reinforces the importance of being careful with the interpretations we receive on social networks and in the media in general. According to the teacher, in this sense, critical mathematics is important for us to feel safe in decision making.


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