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São José Campus helps in the production of face shield for health professionals

Campus São José dos Campos produces brackets for face shields for health professionals.

  • Published: Thursday 09 April 2020, 16:59 pm
  • Last updated on Thursday, 09 April 2020, 17h00

To make the 60 protectors, three 3D printers were used, one from the campus and two private from the volunteer teachers, who also donated the filaments for printing.

The action was carried out in partnership with the Brazilian Association of the Machinery and Equipment Industry (Abimaq), which is producing the front part of the face shield. Abimaq will also distribute the equipment to hospitals in São José dos Campos and region. 

The printing work was attended by professors from the areas of Automation and Mechanics Matheus Mascarenhas, Marcus Vinicius de Siqueira Silva and Irineu dos Santos Yassuda, in addition to the campus director, Valdeci Donizete Gonçalves.  

Each teacher printed a number of supports separately, thus avoiding the crowding of people. Each media takes between an hour and a half and two hours to print. 

Automation professor Ivan Lucas Arantes highlights the importance of supporting health professionals working in the fight against Covid-19. “Although the action is modest, especially when compared to the size of the problem, I am convinced that each protector will make a big difference for those who use it. In addition, health professionals are the “soldiers” of the front line in this crisis, any action to help them is important, as it will end up reverting to the people who need to be hospitalized and who are cared for by them. ”

More Actions

In addition to the production of 60 supports for facial protectors, the São José dos Campos Campus is organizing other actions to combat Covid-19, including the maintenance of mechanical respirators, in partnership with the IFSP rectory. Learn more at www.ifsp.edu.br.

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