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IFSP has four projects awarded in the 18th edition of Febrace

Câmpus Suzano project was considered the best in SP in all categories; two Campinas Campus projects and one Registration project were also awarded

  • Published: Monday, 06 April 2020, 18h57
  • Last updated on Monday, April 13, 2020, 10h40

This year, the Brazilian Science and Engineering Fair (Febrace) reached its 18th edition having to reinvent itself. Due to the risks arising from the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, the evaluations were carried out virtually. Between March 23 and April 4, 761 elementary, high school and technical students from 295 educational institutions across the country presented 345 finalist projects. Among these were seven IFSP campus projects, of which three were awarded.

The project “Crisis of antibiotics: bacteriocins from cow's milk whey fermented by kefir grains. A possible solution? ", By Câmpus Suzano, was one of the main highlights of the Fair, being considered the best in the state of São Paulo in all categories. The research seeks a solution to offer a cheap, natural and effective alternative to fight diseases a from the use of bacteriocins present in kefir, produced with cow's milk serum, from its antibiotic potential.

The project is developed by students Samara Rossi de Barros Almeida and Sophia Rossi de Barros Almeida, graduates of the Technical Course in Chemistry Integrated to High School, under the guidance of teachers Maria Raquel Manhani, Débora Higuchi and Fernanda Cristina PF Sales. The researchers were awarded in the general classification (award from the 1st to the 4th place), within the Biological Sciences category, and guaranteed a place to participate in the scientific event INFOMATRIX BRASIL, scheduled to take place later this year in Santa Catarina.

Sophia and Samara Rossi are twin sisters and completed the technical course at IFSP in 2019, when they were approved at Enem for the Bachelor of Science and Technology at UFABC. For them, the possibility of acting in research is something aggrandizing. “IFSP was essential for us to get this far! We were lucky to have good teachers supporting us at the Campus Suzano, laboratories and materials to carry out the studies ”, they explained.

Check out more information about the project here.



Double award at the Campinas Campus

At the Campinas Campus, two Scientific Initiation surveys were awarded. The project “Electronic control for a closed water circulation system for the treatment of injuries suffered by impact using a Peltier cell” achieved first place in the Engineering category and another outstanding award from the Association of Polytechnic Engineers. The research is developed by students Vinícius dos Santos Ribeiro, Victor Hugo Sijanas Mendes and Antônio César de Souza Rocha, all from the 3rd year of the Technical Course in Electronics Integrated to High School.

Check out more information about this project here.



The other award-winning project at Câmpus Campinas was the “Totalizer of indoor people with remote monitoring in the cloud”, developed by student Luiz Gustavo Xavier Tito, from the 4th year of the Technical Course in Electronics Integrated to High School. He received the Oracle Technology Award. Both projects were supervised by professors Edson Anício Duarte and João Alexandre Bortoloti.

Check out more information about this project here.


According to Professor Edson Duarte, this award represents the excellence of the projects that are developed by IFSP students and is an incentive for more students to start getting involved with Scientific Initiation activities. Student Victor Sijanas commented that the awards were the result of a lot of effort by the team. “When we received the news that the fair would take place virtually, we did not stop training. We present, day after day, to discover what is the best dynamic of virtual presentation. We are very grateful to all those who supported us and to those who worked hard to make this fair happen, even under the current conditions ”.

For student Luiz Gustavo, participating in Febrace 2020 was an incredible experience, even though it was not in person. “Knowing projects and teachers from all over the country at one of the biggest fairs in Brazil made me evolve very professionally and personally. In addition to giving more visibility to the work developed in federal education networks ”, he said.


 Campus Registration

The “Great Women of Africa” project, from the Campus Registration, was awarded by the Brazilian Association for Incentive to Technology and Science (ABRITEC) in the category ABRITEC - EICCIE, in which the winners will receive credentials for participation in EICCIE - Colombian International Science Meeting, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which will take place in 2021, in the city of Valledupar, Colombia.

The research was authored by Ligia Santos de Oliveira, a student who graduated from the Technical Course in Logistics Integrated to High School, under the guidance of the Technical Servants in Educational Affairs André Santos Luigi and Iamara de Almeida Nepomuceno. The advisor said that the award for the work of a black student on teaching African history that addresses gender issues about black women is very significant. According to Luigi, this recognition also encourages students to participate in the Campus Science Fair, FECIVALE, from which the winners are nominated for Febrace.

Check out more information about this project here.



Other IFSP projects that were finalists for Febrace

Campus spiders: Community study, Environmental Education and conservation of IFSP spiders - Câmpus Hortolândia

Students: Vivian Ayumi Bueno Takahashi, Vitor Henrique Massera, Isabela Zanchetta Rosada / Advisor: Luciana de Jesus Jatoba.

Depression: A Biopsychosocial Disorder - Campus Registration

Student: Maraiza Nayara Mancio / Advisor: Marcelo Bastos Lima.

Emotional vibration energy to aid the communication of people with visual impairment or blindness - Câmpus Guarulhos

Students: Nathalia Assunção das Chagas, João Pedro Gomes de Almeida / Advisor: Robson Ferreira Lopes.

GREENDATA - Campus Salto

Students: Gabriel Augusto Bertolino Gomes, João Victor Araujo Corrêa, Gabriel Caleffo Soares Ricardo / Advisor: Felipe Antonio Moura Miranda.

REPET - PET bottle recycling system based on cashback - Campus Campus

 Students: Letícia Miranda da Costa, Rafael Rodrigues Moreira, Lucas Xarelli / Supervisors: Uesclei Costa and Érico Pessoa Felix.

Simple text reading system for the blind based on reading tools cloud computing- Campus Sertãozinho

Students: Beatriz Cardoso de Oliveira, Eduardo Augusto Ferranti / Supervisors: André Luís Dias and Afonso Celso Turcato.

 Check here all the finalists and Febrace winners

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