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Campus Barretos donates fruits and vegetables to charities

The action helps organizations that serve the population in social vulnerability

  • Published: Thursday 02 April 2020, 16:59 pm
  • Last updated on Friday, 03 April 2020, 14:21

With the need for social isolation and the reduction of economic activities, several families in situations of social vulnerability and welfare institutions are suffering strongly from the consequences of the need for social isolation and the reduction of economic activities. Even with academic activities suspended, the direction of Câmpus Barretos mobilized to assist social institutions in the municipality with the weekly donation of fruit and vegetable production from its agricultural unit.

Institutions serving children, adults and the elderly in situations of social vulnerability received, during the month of March, the donation of 36 boxes of oranges, 20 boxes of leafy vegetables (lettuce, almond, arugula), a box of tahiti lemon and two guava boxes. The collection and distribution of these foods are carried out by voluntary outsourced workers who work on-call.

The Campus Barretos plans to carry out other actions, such as the production of gel alcohol. “Our work in this period reveals the Institution's relevance to the local community and highlights its social and educational commitment”, analyzes director-general Juliana de Carvalho Pimenta.

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