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Teachers and students create virtual diary to share activities in quarantine

Teachers and students from the Campinas, Capivari and Hortolândia campuses participate in the initiative

  • Published: Tuesday, 31 March 2020, 19h05
  • Last updated on Friday, 03 April 2020, 15:02

The word “quarantine”, which has been so repeated lately, is not exactly new in people's lives. Many of us already need to be quarantined because of common and contagious diseases, such as chicken pox, for example. According to the dictionary, in medical terms, the word refers to the isolation of certain people, places and animals that may pose a danger of infection. What is new for everyone is to see practically the entire world quarantined because of a virus, Covid-19. But who said that this moment of confinement and lack of social interaction needs to be unproductive? A group of students and teachers at the IFSP decided to create a virtual diary to share ideas and activities during the isolation period.

The idea came from Professor Edson Anício Duarte, from Campinas Campus. He says that, right at the beginning of the quarantine, he saw a Facebook post where it was written that, during the outbreak of the Black Death in 1666, Isaac Newton was confined to his mother's house and made important discoveries, such as the Binomial Theorem, the Universal Gravitation Law and the Nature of colors. "I don't know if it was fakenews, but it was an incentive for me to mobilize partner teachers and my students to start recording their activities during our quarantine," he said.

According to Edson, the diary is collaborative: every day each one accesses the googledocs and gives a brief description of what they did during the day, and preferably post a photo of their production or activity. According to him, since March 16, 60 individual records have been made, with more than one hundred activities reported. The tool has the participation of four teachers, three from Câmpus Campinas and one from Câmpus Capivari; five more students, three from Câmpus Campinas and two students from Câmpus Hortolândia, and three ex-students. The teacher says that the diary, in addition to serving to monitor the work of students during this period, has been a means for everyone to share activities, keeping their heads active.

Other teachers and some of the students who are sharing activities through the diary say that the tool has helped from occupying the mind, clearing doubts and better organizing studies and tasks to feeling less alone, having more hope. “The power of this diary is unbelievable! With each note, with each completed task, it is as if we were able to get more motivation to study, work, grow, evolve and, with small scientific achievements, hope to create a better world ”, says Vinícius dos Santos Ribeiro, a third year student at Integrated Technical Course in Electronics at Campus Campinas.

Professor Gislaine Vieira Damiani, from Câmpus Capivari, said that registering the day-to-day quarantine has enabled her to look back and see what she has produced and what she is producing. “It makes me realize that I am useful while I wait for the 'storm' to pass. I have the feeling of 'materializing' my actions, that is, at the end of the day I look and I can see my production, and that gives me a feeling of tranquility, of accomplishment. ”

Grazielly Sousa de Lima, from the first semester of the Control and Automation Engineering course at Câmpus Hortolândia, says that the experience of the diary is being very productive, even helping students involved with projects not to lose the habit of writing in their logbooks. . "It is good to see that science accompanies us wherever we are and that it is possible to develop, know and study anywhere," he said.

Are you curious about what people are writing in the diary? It is available on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/salinhaprojetos

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