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IFSP signs first patent licensing agreement

The IFSP entered into a contract with the company Soft Grippers for the licensing of the technology “Compliant Robotic Claw based on Compression Chambers”, which had its patent application filed

  • Published: Friday 20 March 2020, 17:05 pm
  • Last updated on Friday, 20 March 2020, 17:08
From left to right: Adalton Ozaki (Inova IFSP), Willian Bezerra (SoftGrippers), Alexandre Brincalepe Campo (researcher author of the patent), Marcos Francisco de Almeida and Márcio Ikegami (Finep), Diogo Fonseca (SoftGrippers)

The IFSP Innovation Agency (Inova) filed the patent application, in April 2019, for the technology “Compliant Robotic Claw based on Compression Chambers”. In accordance with Ordinance No. 1029/2018, which establishes the need to have an interested company, Inova opened, in December, Public Notice No. 896/2019 of Public Call for Technological Offer. Soft Grippers was the only candidate company, thus ensuring the partnership with the IFSP.

Ana Paula Damasceno de Brito is the administrator responsible for conducting the process and highlights the importance of partnerships like this. “Having an interested company is essential so that we can register patents that can effectively be transferred and to make their international extension feasible, since there is a one-year deadline to carry out the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty), which guarantees the possibility of patent entry in other countries. ”

For the licensing of the technology, Soft Grippers will pay the IFSP royalties of 4% on the billing from the units sold, and will also invest in the completion of the development. It will also be necessary to integrate the claw with the robots and develop the control systems, as well as prospect the market, since it is a totally new technology.

The idea for the project arose from the contacts that Professor Alexandre Brincalepe had with a new dimension in the area of ​​robotics, the soft robots, from his postdoctoral studies at Harvard University. The technology "Compliant Robotic Claw based on Compression Chambers" is the result of research coordinated by Professor Brincalepe, with the participation of professors Carlos Antonio da Rocha and Rafael Pereira Bachega and independent inventors Ananda Crystal Silva Marques da Cunha and Pedro Henrique Abrão Dias Paixão .

As it is a startup, Inova IFSP held a meeting between Soft Grippers and the Financier of Studies and Projects (Finep) to identify possible lines of financing that could make the venture feasible.

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