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Budget Panel is the new tool, made available by the IFSP, which allows monitoring budget execution

  • Published: Monday, March 02th, 2020, 18:27 AM
  • Last updated on Monday, 24 August 2020, 21h52

 Working meeting between IFSP and IFSuldeMinas teamsThe Federal Institute of São Paulo (IFSP) takes another step towards improving public transparency tools and provides access to the Budget Panel. In it, any citizen will have easy access, through spreadsheets and graphs, to the general data of the budget execution of the IFSP.

According to the dean of Administration, Silmário Batista dos Santos, the panel will allow anyone to access general data on IFSP budget execution.

The Budget Panel is the result of a work of benchmarking, carried out with the Federal Institute of the South of Minas (IFSuldeMinas). IFSP used the model developed by the unit's management team. “It is a great satisfaction to see another network work carried out between our institutions. I am grateful for the effort and collaboration of the IFSuldeMinas Dean, Marcelo Bregagnoli, the Dean of Administration, Honório José de Morais Neto, and the team of the Dean of Administration, who made this important work possible ”, says the IFSP Dean , Eduardo Antonio Modena.

The material will provide more transparency to internal processes, in addition to functioning as an important tool for managers to optimize time and resources, as well as allowing the academic community to follow the evolution of expenditures at the Federal Institute of São Paulo (IFSP). “The user will be able to check data and make comparative analyzes, evaluating expenses. In addition, the panel will facilitate the performance of tasks that previously required more time and use less intuitive tools, contributing to the efficient management of public spending, ”says the Dean of Administration.

The Panel's information was compiled from the Federal Government's Integrated Financial Administration System (Siafi) and the Monitoring System, and is presented by means of graphs and spreadsheets to facilitate understanding of the data. The material gathers, in a single tool, content that was distributed on different platforms, with restricted access and not always clear to the general public.

The tool will be periodically updated and will be permanently exposed on the IFSP portal, on the button Budget Panel , available on the Administration tab.

The rector ratifies the value of the initiative to ensure transparency in the management of public resources. "Any action that allows the public, in general, a better understanding and transparency of the Institution's data is extremely valid. Especially in an aspect as important nowadays as the budgetary situation of the institutions."

Other actions are planned, by the sector, to be carried out in this management. “This was a first step, now we are in the stage of contacting each campus to answer the managers' doubts about how to handle the tool, show the dozens of possibilities of observing and interpreting the information, comparing time, campus, nature”, says the advisor IFSP budget and finance officer, José Roberto da Silva.

According to the Dean of Administration, the Institute has a lot of data and has not yet used its full potential. For him, the work carried out by PRA shows the benefits that the organization and the improved visualization of this informational material can provide. According to the planning, the next step is the crossing of data from all areas, referring to Teaching, Research and Extension; this work will bring greater knowledge and expand the possibility of insights for decision-making within the Institute.

The preparation of the IFSP panel counted on the collaboration of the servers Lucas Goulart da Silva and Luiz Filipe Ribeiro Farias, both from IFSuldeMinas. They offered support and guidance regarding the use of the data presentation tool for IFSP servers Carlos Roberto Cavalcante, Director of Budget and Finance, and Sérgio Hissashi Umeda, Deputy Director of Accounting at PRA.

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