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Inova promotes training in prospecting and attracting projects

  • Published: Friday, February 21, 2020, 13:50 pm
  • Last updated on Friday, 21 February 2020, at 13:51

The IFSP Innovation Agency (Inova) held two training sessions in prospecting and attracting projects for Research, Development and Innovation, on February 18th and 20th, at the São Paulo and Matão Campus, respectively. Research and innovation coordinators and agents for prospecting innovation projects from various fields participated.

The objective is that in each campus there are servers trained to prospect and assist researchers in the process of approaching the productive sector, leading the process until the project is accepted. The training was given by Professor Adalton Ozaki. The training content was elaborated from a project developed in the IMP (Innovation Management Professional) training promoted by Setec / Mec.

According to the Executive Director of Inova, Alexandre Chahad, the approximation with the productive arrangement is extremely important, as it allows us to contribute to the development of the region, complying with articles 6 and 7 of our creation law (Law 11.892 / 2008). Contributing to the productive sector is a demand that has existed for a long time, as can be verified by the Law of Innovation 10.973, which is from 2004, the Law of creation of the Federal Institutes, of 2008, and the Legal Framework of Science, Technology and Innovation, which is from January 2016.

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