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Here come the innovation notices of the New Paths Program!

Students and teachers at Federal and Technological Network institutions need to be aware of three new opportunities that the Ministry of Education is preparing, within the New Paths Program.

  • Published: Thursday 20 February 2020, 18:41 PM
  • Last updated on Friday, 21 February 2020, at 10:11

Still in the first two months of this year, two calls for proposals will be launched that will support technological initiation projects as well as entrepreneurship and innovation. And in the following months, another public notice will be launched, focusing on Education 4.0.

The first call for proposals seeks to encourage the learning of new digital technologies applied to the world of work, such as the internet of things, Big Data, artificial intelligence, systems and applications development, virtual and augmented reality, robotics, among others. The idea is that the teams of the Federal Institutes, the Federal Technological Education Centers or Colégio Pedro II develop projects that take this theme to public school students, both in the final years of elementary and high school.

The second notice also relates to innovation, but with a focus that involves entrepreneurship. His objective will be to select projects in which students from the network itself are encouraged to undertake based on the development of an innovative product and its launch on the market. For this learning with the real dynamics of the world of work, the Ministry of Education will offer equipment and scholarships to selected projects. In addition, the projects will be able to rely on Sebrae's entrepreneurship mentoring, which is a partner of the Ministry in the initiative.

The third call for proposals will select Federal Network institutions that will receive state-of-the-art laboratories to implement workshops in which 4.0 education skills will be developed. In this context, the tools of universe 4.0 are gathered, such as robotics, computer learning, among others, and the so-called soft skills, which involve creativity, group work, entrepreneurship and innovation. 

To learn more, keep an eye on Ministry of Education page! The three notices will present more details on how to participate and explore new possibilities in this world of technological transformation in education.  

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