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Conif: Official note on personnel expenses in the Federal Network

On February 20, 2020, the National Council of Institutions of the Federal Network for Professional, Scientific and Technological Education (CONIF) met in Brasilia to discuss the effects of Circular Letter 08/2020 / GAB / SPO-MEC dealing with Personnel Budget for 2020, which highlights:

  • Published: Thursday 20 February 2020, 15:30 PM
  • Last updated on Friday, 21 February 2020, at 09:15

1- There was a reduction of R $ 2,7 billion in the MEC budget during the processing of the Annual Budget Law Project (PLOA) 2020 in Congress. Thus, from the R $ 74,6 billion initially planned, the Ministry's budget allocation was reduced to R $ 71,9 billion in the Annual Budget Law (LOA) 2020; 

2 - The Budget Units linked to the Ministry of Education, when promoting new acts that increase the expenses with active and inactive personnel, benefits and charges to civil servants and public employees, must observe the pertinent legislation and refrain from carrying them out in amounts whose totals are not properly authorized.

Understanding that the payment of personnel expenses is a legal obligation of the Ministry of Economy and is not a discretionary act of the maximum manager of the Institution, the directors of the Federal Network of Professional and Technological Education come public to communicate that the official acts of progression and functional promotion and mandatory benefits will occur normally. 

In relation to the new provisions and hiring of substitutes, each institution will make the necessary evaluations so as not to jeopardize the full functioning of the academic activities planned for the year, avoiding irreparable damage to the training of students.

The entity considers that there was no change in the legislation of the careers that make up the staff, so that it is not possible to incur in acts that result in the loss or suspension of these rights, even if limited by the mandatory expenditure budget.

This Council ratifies the institutional position for the fair defense of the constitutional rights and guarantees reserved for public servants from all over the country, especially workers and education workers, who with zeal and dedication promote public education, free and of quality provided to society. Brazilian.

CONIF will continue to monitor developments in this area, working with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Economy and the National Congress to seek a definitive solution to the budget reduction that occurred this year.

Brasilia, February 20 of 2020.

103rd Ordinary Meeting of the National Council of Institutions of the Federal Network for Professional, Scientific and Technological Education (Conif) in 2020

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Source: Conif- http://portal.conif.org.br/

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