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PRX launches another edition of the magazine Share

  • Published: Tuesday, February 18, 2020, 08:50 pm

Socialize the extension experiences developed at the IFSP: with this objective, the Dean of Extension launches the 4th edition of the Magazine Share. The publication brings scientific articles and reports of experiences of Extension actions developed in the various campuses of the Institute and in other institutions.

Article about the IFSP Popular Program opens this edition of the magazine. Also in this edition, the projects of the IFSP Women Program are discussed in three articles that discuss the importance of these projects in the mathematical literacy of women to their importance for generating income, based on citizen and autonomous training. There are also articles on science communication, teacher training and activities with senior citizens. The experience reports bring several themes, such as diversity, literacy and teaching strategies.

Access the entire content of the 4th edition of the magazine Share at https://ojs.ifsp.edu.br/index.php/compartilhar/issue/view/100

Previous issues of the magazine are available at https://ojs.ifsp.edu.br/index.php/compartilhar/issue/archive.

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