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IFSP professor and students participate in STEAM TechCamp Brasil

The team presented projects developed at the Institute for teachers and managers from all over Brazil.

  • Published: Friday, February 14, 2020, 15:30 pm
  • Last updated on Friday, 14 February 2020, at 18:12

Professor Edson Anício Duarte and students Luiz Gustavo Xavier Tito and Vinícius dos Santos Ribeiro, from the Integrated Technical Course in Electronics, and Grazielly Sousa de Lima, from the Concomitant Electronic Technical Course, at Campinas Campus, participated in the last 12 STEM TechCamp Brasil, carried out at the University of São Paulo (USP). Edson participated in the panel: "Guiding the development of investigative projects in Basic Education", in which he made a presentation of the methodology he uses with his students in conducting the orientation of projects Integrators. The students were part of a scientific exhibition, where they presented projects developed at IFSP for teachers and managers from all states of Brazil, showing their prototypes, banners and logbooks.

STEAM TechCamp Brasil is an initiative aimed at the active learning of STEAM (acronym in English whose interdisciplinary activities involve the areas of knowledge of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics). The program focuses on creative learning, with investigative and interdisciplinary approaches, with emphasis on the elaboration of strategic planning proposals for the implementation of projects in schools in the participants' home states. In 2020 the event reached its third edition, held from February 10 to 14, with the participation of sixty teachers and managers of education departments from all Brazilian states, including the Federal District. 

The panel in which Professor Edson participated was attended by Professors Gislaine Delbianco (ETEC Trajano Camargo) and Raildis Rocha (Priscila Fernandes da Rocha State School), with the mediation of Professor Roseli de Deus Lopes (USP). Edson stated that the event was a great opportunity to disseminate good practices in Scientific Initiation work in high school with teachers from all over Brazil. “Very rewarding and motivating for my teaching practice”, he said.

 For the student Luiz Gustavo, the experience with the development of projects helps in personal and professional growth, applying in practice all the contents learned in the classroom, working with the student's critical and creative thinking. Grazielly Sousa stressed that working with projects is important, because in addition to getting the student out of their comfort zone, research and gain more knowledge, it also helps in their intellectual, professional and personal independence. “It leads us to lose the fear of making mistakes and to find in that mistake an opportunity to grow and improve”, he said. 

For the student Vinícius, working with projects is rewarding and important, because in addition to providing new knowledge, it also requires the knowledge already acquired in the classroom, encouraging them to put it into practice and, thus, ensuring that learning has been Successful. “The writing of the technical report, the definition of deadlines, cost management, oral presentations, among others, are factors that, associated with the projects, help the personal evolution of each student, preparing him for the challenges he will encounter in the of your life, ”he said.

The STEAM TechCamp Brasil Program is an initiative of the US Embassy in Brazil in partnership with the Technological Integrated Systems Laboratory (LSI-TEC) and support from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (Poli-USP), Consed and Instituto 3M. This program aims to structure a network of multipliers formed by managers from the State Education Departments and leading teachers of school actions in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEAM), with the potential and leadership to articulate and improve existing actions and to elaborate and implement new actions aimed at active STEAM learning in public basic education networks in Brazil.

Since its first edition, STEAM TechCamp Brasil has involved 180 educators, with a strong multiplier potential. The local actions, implemented by the educators who participated in the training, added up to the 2019 edition reached 600 cities, 17.000 teachers and 94.000 students across Brazil.



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