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IFSP professors have articles approved at international conference

  • Published: Wednesday 05 February 2020, 08:19 pm

Five IFSP professors had their articles approved at the second edition of the International Conference on Applied Education, Technology and Innovation, which takes place between 7 and 9 April in Turku, Finland.

The articles report innovative cases and methodologies in education. Articles by prof. Luiz Miranda (Salto), prof. Fabio Modesto (Salto), prof. Fábio Santos (Salto), prof. Ricardo Dematte (Salto), prof. Márcio Bender (Campinas) and profa. Jaqueline Carlos-Bender (São Roque).

Of the five articles, four are written by members of the IFSP Pedagogical Innovations Committee, which demonstrates an international recognition of the innovative practices that have been applied at the institution. Only seven articles from all over Brazil were selected for the conference.

The event - The conference welcomes academics and professionals, industry partners, education entrepreneurs and innovators interested in guaranteeing a sustainable future with the measures adopted in education.
The meeting is based on experiences started in 2019 at the Hong Kong conference. This series of conferences develops a global community of practices to share case studies, participate in critical discussions and lead the change in thinking to address the paradigm shift in new generation educational practice.

See below the authors and the titles of the articles.

Utilization of Project Based Learning Techniques Applied in Aeronautical Engineering Teaching in Brazil. A Success Case Developed at the Federal Institute of São Paulo - Campus Salto
Author: Prof. Msc. Luiz Eduardo Miranda José Rodrigues 

The Use of Culture Maker and Game-Based Learning Applied to Technological Teaching
Author: Prof. Fábio Alexandre Caravieri Modesto

Basket of Projects: A Case Study Using PBL where all working together and mixed up
Authors: Dr. Fábio de Paula Santos, prof. Dr. Carla Lechugo and prof. Msc. Ricardo Dantas Dematte 

The creation of a laboratory to develop student motivation, autonomy and collaborative skills
Authors: Dr. Marcio Bender Machado, prof. Marcelo Bender Machado and prof. Dra. Andreia Sias Rodrigues

Reproductive System, sexually transmitted diseases and contraceptive methods discussed by SCRUM-based gamification approach
Author: Prof. Dra. Jaqueline Carlos-Bender 

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