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Four IFSP campuses will receive works budgeted at over R $ 10 million

Rector Eduardo Modena signed contracts for works on the Avaré, Barretos, Birigui and São Roque campuses.

  • Published: Friday, January 10, 2020, 17:26 pm
  • Last updated on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 13h33

The IFSP Rector, Eduardo Antonio Modena and the Pro-Rectors of Administration and Education, Silmário Santos and Vitor Pereira, signed on Thursday (09) contracts for the execution of works budgeted in more than 10 million reais that will benefit four units of the Institute. These are expansion and renovation works that will contribute to the improvement of the facilities of the Avaré, Barretos, Birigui and São Roque campus.

The works should start by the end of February. Check out what the works are and the amount to be invested.


The campus will receive a mechanical workshop, a cafeteria and the chemistry, bio-systems engineering and amphitheater laboratories will be adapted. This work is budgeted in R$ 3.618.129,29 (three million, six hundred and eighteen thousand, one hundred and twenty-nine reais and twenty-nine cents).


In Barretos, the water tank replacement work will be carried out. R $ will be invested 400.925,07 (four hundred thousand, nine hundred and twenty-five reais and seven cents).


A new block of classrooms will be built. The value of the work is R $ 3.886.873,99 (three million, eight hundred and eighty-six thousand, eight hundred and seventy-three reais and ninety-nine cents).

Sao Roque

In this campus, an administrative and classroom classroom will be built, as well as a cafeteria. In this work will be invested R$ 2.856.000,00 (two million, eight hundred and fifty-six thousand reais).

The total investment with these contracts will be R $ 10. 761. 928,35 (ten million, seven hundred and sixty-one thousand, nine hundred and twenty-eight reais and thirty-five cents). According to the Dean of Administration, Silmário Santos, by the end of January, another 20 construction contracts must be signed. In 2019, 24 bidding processes were concluded for works to renovate and expand IFSP campuses. About 20 million reais will be invested. The funds were obtained from the Ministry of Education and through parliamentary amendments.

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