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Rector signs service order that starts infrastructure works in Caraguatatuba

Investment will be over R $ 1 million

  • Published: Friday, 20 December 2019, 13:07

The IFSP rector, Eduardo Modena, was in Caraguatatuba this week for the signature of the order of services that marks the beginning of the realization of several improvement actions in the campus infrastructure.

Among the planned actions is the exchange of transformers and all electrical wiring, which will allow the installation of air conditioning and new equipment to serve the laboratories, bringing more quality to students and servers.

It is also planned to redo the entire access ramp to the first floor of the building where the campus works, repair the roof, drain the court and pave new classrooms in block C. In addition, the problems of the schools will be solved. gutters, flashings and cracks and external and internal painting provided.

The campus will also gain two photovoltaic plants, which should generate an annual savings of up to 40% in the electric bill. According to the rector, after these infrastructure works, it will be possible to increase the conditions of environmental comfort for the servers and especially for the students, in the classrooms and laboratories.

The entire work is being made possible by the Infrastructure Directorate (DIE) and by the Dean of Administration. The investment will be R $ 1,2 million, from campus resources, from individual amendment by Congressman Carlos Sampaio (PSDB) and from bench amendments.

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