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Technology licensing: see the proposals presented

  • Published: Monday, 09 December 2019, 12:02

The IFSP discloses the proposals submitted to the Notice no. 797/2019 - Selection of companies for licensing the right to use and explore, with exclusivity, and technology transfer of patent application owned by the IFSP.

The information can be accessed through the following link: 

The IFSP Innovation and Technology Transfer Agency (Inova) today published the Public Call Notice nº 797/2019, which seeks to select companies to promote the licensing of the right to use and explore, exclusively, and the transfer of technology for patent applications owned by the Federal Institute of São Paulo (IFSP).

The technology that is the subject of the public notice is deposited with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) under the title: COMPLETE ROBOTIC CLAW BASED ON COMPRESSION CHAMBERS, together with the SOFTGRASPER trademark registration. It is a soft robotic claw made of flexible and compliant materials with the ability to catch, release and hold fragile and rigid objects, in different shapes and sizes. It can be applied in several segments of the industry that use robotic systems.

Companies interested in obtaining the exclusive license to explore the patent filing application must meet the criteria set out in the notice. Proposals and documents for qualification of the proponent must be enclosed in an envelope and can be sent, via post, or delivered in person to the Selection Committee, until December 03, from 09:30 am to 12:13 pm and from 16:04 pm to 8:9 pm. On December 30, the documentation will be received from 10 am to 1:XNUMX am, because at XNUMX am there will be a Public Session to open the envelopes. The session will be held at the São Paulo Campus SPXNUMX Auditorium.

All information and documents related to the public notice are available on the Inova page: https://inova.ifsp.edu.br/index.php/editais/168-edital-797-2019-chamada-publica-oferta-tecnologica

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