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Permanent Register of Interest for Removal: List of applicants

Check the list of servers enrolled for removal.

  • Published: Monday, 02 December 2019, 17:41
  • Last updated on Tuesday, December 03, 2019, 14h15

The Dean of Institutional Development - PRD - discloses the list of civil servants enrolled in the Permanent Removal and Notice 844/2019 - Call for interest in Removal. Access the list of subscribers to Technical-administrative e Faculty.

The first list of registrants in the Permanent Removal Registry considered registrations made until November 29, 2019.


New server removal methodology will be carried out permanently and no longer every six months.

The Dean of Institutional Development (PRD) launched, this Monday (25), the Communiqué 37/2019, through which it informs the servers that, considering Ordinance No. 3884 of October 16, 2019, the Permanent Register of Interest in Removal was instituted at the IFSP. Based on the document, the new server removal methodology will be carried out permanently and no longer every six months as it was previously done. The objective of the permanent removal register is to provide a continuous flow of removal processes within the scope of the IFSP, making them faster.

The main change with the implementation of the permanent registration is that all servers will be able to register at any time and the registrations made will not have an expiration date and the server itself may cancel its registration if it is no longer interested.

Another significant change will be the immediate replacement of vacancies due to dismissal, vacancy, retirement, death or redistribution. For example, a server was exonerated, with the authorization of provision by the PRD, the permanent registration of removal to fill the vacancy.

The new ordinance will also make it possible to exchange servers for different positions and areas, for example technical-administrative servers may exchange with each other, even with different positions and teachers may be exchanged for teachers from different areas of the public tender, so that these forms can be carried out. of exchange shall be considered the criteria established in art. 13 da Ordinance No. 3.884 / 2019.

The servers interested in the removal may register in up to 3 options of the IFSP Stocking Units. The Campus, Advanced Campus, Reference Center for Distance Education and the Rectory are considered as Stocking Units.

The public notices will be continuous, for each vacancy authorized for filling will be offered first to the servers registered in the permanent register, all authorized vacancies will be made available on the IFSP website at: Institutional Development - Personnel Management - Career

The ordering of the servers in the permanent removal register will be in alphabetical order. The list of registered servers will be published on the IFSP website by the 5th working day of each month. In the first list of subscribers, all registrations made until November 29 will be used and the list of subscribers will be published on December 02. , on the IFSP website in the People Management - Career area.

The scoring criteria of the registered servers will only be applied in cases where there is more than one server interested in the same vacancy offered in that Unit. In the event that there are no servers registered for a stocking unit, candidates registered for another location may be used, subject to the criteria laid down in the Ordinance, and the interest of the server.

If in doubt, send email to: .

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