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Tutor for Tutorial Education Program in Sertãozinho: preliminary result

The program is linked to the Degree in Chemistry from the Sertãozinho Campus. check out here the preliminary result

  • Published: Thursday, 21 November 2019, 20h00
  • Last updated on Thursday, 21 November 2019, 20h35

The IFSP Dean of Education (PRE) today published the preliminary result of Edital 815/2015, which deals with the selection of Tutor for Tutorial Education Program (PET), of the Chemistry Degree course at Campus Sertãozinho.

Registrations were made on November 20 through the link: http://limesurvey.ifsp.edu.br/index.php/144575/lang-pt-BR 

Among the requirements to apply for the vacancy are: being an effective teacher, with an exclusive dedication regime, having a doctorate degree and not accumulating another type of scholarship. Check them all in item 3.1 of the Notice.


Preliminary Results - NEW

Notice 815/2015 - Selection of Tutor for Tutorial Education Program (PET), of the Degree in Chemistry course at the Campus Sertãozinho.

Annex I - Registration Form

Annex II - Short Curriculum


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